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The Financial Pyramid Series - Building Wealth Part 5

Regardless of what stage of life you're in, building wealth is always a great goal to have. When you have access to ample savings and cash reserves, you'll be prepared in the event of an emergency and will be able to more effectively maintain your lifestyle during retirement. While everyone has different levels of wealth that they wish to build towards, there are some basic guidelines and suggestions that should help you get started. Below is an in-depth guide on how to build wealth over time.

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The Financial Pyramid Series: Nest Egg Investing Part 4

Having access to ample savings is beneficial if you need to make a large purchase or take a vacation. It's also necessary when you're saving for retirement. One method you can use to save for retirement involves nest egg investing. You can build this nest egg with a retirement plan that's sponsored by your employer or an individual plan.

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The Financial Pyramid Series: Cash Reserves Part 3

Building personal cash reserves will improve your financial security and prepare you for anything that comes up in the future. Whether you experience a medical emergency or want to make sure that you have something to pass on to your heirs, building cash reserves isn't difficult as long as you take the right approach. By utilizing the financial pyramid technique, you can more effectively reach your financial goals and increase your cash reserves.

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The Financial Pyramid Series: Insurance Part 2

Protecting your ‘Human Capital’

Human Capital refers to the monetary value of a worker’s experience, skills and working years available. Employer/state sponsored disability is inadequate or, at best, a limited solution to risk of loss of the ability to work. With that in mind it is important to acknowledge that every household faces the potential of unexpected disability or death and the loss of income associated with that. In order to mitigate that risk, individuals should consider certain additional insurance products to protect against loss.

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The Financial Pyramid Series: Insurance Part 1

Insurance is the base of the financial pyramid, creating a solid foundation upon which you will build your wealth. It provides protection against any unforeseen event that can potentially jeopardize your long-term goals. The most important idea to understand about insurance is that it is pure and simple the best way to protect yourself against the risk of loss. If you do not put anything aside for your financial protection you are exposing your plans to risk.

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