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We provide our clients with reliable and trustworthy financial advice, and we never charge a commission.

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We offer personalized advice to our clients in-person, but we've also written a series of articles here on our website to help you demystify the lingo and get a handle on the basics of investing and finance.

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Fee-Only Financial Managers with a Fiduciary Responsiblity to our Clients

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About Attentive Investment Managers

Attentive Investment Managers, Inc. is a fee-only independent Registered Investment Advisor located in Stockton, California. At AIM, we work with each client to create and manage their investment portfolio, while meeting their stated objectives for growth, income, and risk tolerance.

Whether you're a first-time investor wanting to take control of your financial future, or a seasoned investor with a large portfolio, we can help. Our experienced investment advisors can help you craft a plan and manage your portfolio, including 401k and Roth IRA accounts, educational savings accounts, SEP retirement programs, individual investment accounts and more.

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Financial News and Tips from Attentive Investment Managers

12 December 2019
As we wind down 2019, so to do we close the decade. We have shared many wonderful successes and milestones with each other over the years. Mike and Miriam built a strong customer-service centered tax service and following investment firm who’s prima...
29 October 2019
Divorce is not only a strain on your emotional well-being but also your financial well-being. Many times we only focus on the emotional aspect of the split however, it is important to consider the long-term implications. Additionally, your financial...
15 October 2019
In today’s world relationships are complicated – with second marriages or children from previous relationships things can get even more complicated. In either situation, a legal agreement can assist you as a couple in clearly outlining your wishes an...
05 September 2019
Marriage is not just roses, chocolates and diamonds. Marriage is a business relationship that needs thorough discussion and often times compromises. When couples plan for possible scenarios in the future, everyone involved is protected and feels sec...
23 August 2019
New couples are busy enjoying learning about each other and sharing parts of their lives with one another. Very often an important aspect of sharing a life that gets ignored is discussing your values surrounding financial matters. Things such as fina...
17 July 2019
The new tax law made it hard to know how much to withhold from your paycheck every few weeks. As a result, many people withheld less than they might otherwise have, and either received a smaller rebate than expected or had to pay additional taxes in ...