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Attentive Investments provides a broad spectrum of financial services for individual investors. We begin with helping you evaluate your current financial situation to ensure you have a strong foundation for building wealth. Attentive can help you plan and execute a solid strategy for long-term financial security and success.

Goals include


How much will you need for retirement? Attentive can help you evaluate the amount of income you'll need to live on, and how to invest now for a secure future.

College Savings

A variety of college savings options are available to help you save and grow the funds available for your children's college.

Generational Wealth Building

A successful investing plan can yield results that last far beyond your lifetime, building a portfolio of wealth that will be passed down to future generations.

Estate Planning

When you've spent a lifetime building wealth, careful planning will ensure that your work is a blessing to your family after you pass on.

Financial Stability

Retirement can be hard to picture when you're struggling with finances now. We can help you build a strong financial foundation that forms the basis for future success.


Protecting your assets is a crucial and often-overlooked key to your security. Attentive can evaluate your insurance needs and make sure you have the protection you require.

Tax Deferment

A poor plan that leaves your investments exposed to taxes can undo years of hard work and discipline. Attentive will help you make sure you're not giving more of your money to the government than you have to!

Wealth Building

Once you have the basics covered, it's time to start building real wealth! Investing outside of traditional retirement and savings accounts brings a new level of financial freedom.

Learn about the
Attentive Process

We pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide for each client. Learn what you can expect when you work with us.

At Attentive Investments, we pride ourselves on the high level of service that we provide for each of our clients. From the first meeting and throughout our relationship, we build personal relationships that allow us to understand your goals, motivations, life stages, and needs.


We'll be in touch frequently about the status of your investments


Phone, email, or in the office, we're always happy to talk when you have a question


We're monitoring your portfolio on a daily basis to keep distribution and risk in line with your goals

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    Benefits Management for Businesses

    Attentive Investments provides benefit plan and investing management for businesses of almost any size.

    Financial Planning and Investments for Individuals

    Attentive Investments provides a broad spectrum of financial services for individual investors.


    5345 N El Dorado Street
    Suite 5
    Stockton, CA 95207

    Phone Number


    8:00am - 4:00pm
    Monday - Thursday

    8:00am - 1:00pm

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