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The Attentive Process

We begin our relationship by getting to know you on a personal level. What are your goals? How much risk fits your personality? What do you want to accomplish now, later, and during retirement?

We'll also perform a complete evaluation of your current financial situation. Given your income and expenses, how much money can you invest? Do you have adequate insurance protection to keep your family and assets safe? Do you have kids who will be going to college?

With this information we'll develop a financial plan that helps you to accomplish your long-term financial goals.

Our First Meeting

Our first meeting is always free. This is a chance for us to get to know each other and begin to understand your needs and expectations.

Building Understanding

We'll learn all we can about your current financial situation, and your goals for the future

Risk Tolerance

We typically implement new strategies one step at a time, taking incremental steps toward a long-term goal


We'll explain what we bring to our relationship, and what you can expect when working with us
Young couple investment meeting
Middle aged couple investment meeting

Investment Planning and Strategy

Once we have a good understanding of your goals and needs, we'll begin developing a strategy for investing and growth.

Planning and Strategy

We'll translate your real-world goals to financial strategies that we can help you implement

Keep it Simple

We typically implement new strategies one step at a time, taking incremental steps toward a long-term goal

Client Education

We'll work with you to make sure you understand each aspect of your personalized investing strategy

Long-Term Management

Once the plan is approved, we manage and maintain your entire investment portfolio for the long haul.

Ongoing Monitoring

We monitor your investments on a daily basis to ensure that our strategy continues to line up with your goals

Hands-off Investing

Our management means this isn't something you need to be mindful of regularly, we'll contact you when your input is needed

Risk Mitigation

If we identify risk within your portfolio that doesn't line up with your wishes, we'll adjust as needed

Project Management

We'll proactively manage special projects from start to finish, making it simple and effortless for you

Tax Compliance

Our background in tax means we understand and mitigate to the extent possible the tax implications of each move we make

Identifying Opportunity

When we see opportunities to improve your portfolio, we'll contact you to see if you'd like to make additional contributions
Senior couple investment meeting

Don't go it alone.

Set up a free consultation with our Investment Managers and begin your path to a secure financial future!