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The Financial Pyramid Series: Nest Egg Investing Part 4

Having access to ample savings is beneficial if you need to make a large purchase or take a vacation. It's also necessary when you're saving for retirement. One method you can use to save for retirement involves nest egg investing. You can build this nest egg with a retirement plan that's sponsored by your employer or an individual plan.

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Yield Curve Inversion

We hear a lot of coined terms thrown around by talking heads involved in the economy and it’s analysis. One is the “yield curve inversion” and how this ‘event’ marks a clear sign of upcoming recession. Yield curve inversions are when shorter-term government bonds have higher yields than long-term ones. This has been a hot topic of discussion in economic and market circles as everyone tries to determine where markets are going next.

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Athena’s Top 3 Tips about Investing

Pay yourself first

You know the scenario, it’s payday and before you know it bills are paid and you’ve already planned three dinners out with friends. Your budget is wiped out and you did not add to your savings. One of the best methods to ensure that you are hitting your savings goals is to pay yourself first.

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