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Handling an Inheritance

After managing the grief of losing a loved one comes the potential burden and stress of managing an inheritance. Here are a few tips to help you through the process.

Consult a financial professional AND a tax professional. The laws surrounding inheritance are currently in flux and it is hard to know what the news rules are and how they apply to your situation. Working with professionals can help you navigate those rules easily and they can help guide you in how the different types of inheritance may affect your financial situation.

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The Financial Pyramid Series: Insurance Part 2

Protecting your ‘Human Capital’

Human Capital refers to the monetary value of a worker’s experience, skills and working years available. Employer/state sponsored disability is inadequate or, at best, a limited solution to risk of loss of the ability to work. With that in mind it is important to acknowledge that every household faces the potential of unexpected disability or death and the loss of income associated with that. In order to mitigate that risk, individuals should consider certain additional insurance products to protect against loss.

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The Financial Pyramid Series: Insurance Part 1

Insurance is the base of the financial pyramid, creating a solid foundation upon which you will build your wealth. It provides protection against any unforeseen event that can potentially jeopardize your long-term goals. The most important idea to understand about insurance is that it is pure and simple the best way to protect yourself against the risk of loss. If you do not put anything aside for your financial protection you are exposing your plans to risk.

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Conversations About Planning for Incapacity or Death

Any conversation about planning for incapacitation or death is uncomfortable for many people, especially if you are having the discussion with your parents. It is important to remember however, that this discussion while uncomfortable will spare you additional stress and pain when you and your family are going through a crisis.

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The Cost of Children

Starting a family is not a life event that should be taken lightly, especially financially. The price tag for a baby born in 2015 is about $233,000+ from birth to age 17. That is NOT including college! So the questions becomes, how can you manage those costs and still prepare for your own future. Here are a few ideas to help manage your money as you raise your family.

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Relationships and Money, Part II: Married Couples

Marriage is not just roses, chocolates and diamonds. Marriage is a business relationship that needs thorough discussion and often times compromises. When couples plan for possible scenarios in the future, everyone involved is protected and feels secure. There are several ways that couples can ensure healthy financial decisions pre and post nuptial.

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Understanding Medicare

Retirement is just over the horizon and while most people have making ends meet during that period on their minds there is another extremely important part of aging that should be explored. Medicare! There is a 7-month initial enrollment period that begins 3 months before you turn 65, the month you turn 65 and 3 months after you turn 65. If you do not sign up during that window of time you will be penalized for late enrollment, which comes in the form of higher premiums (typically a 10% increase premiums).

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How to Disaster-Proof Your Finances

The fires burning in California and the recent hurricanes on the East Coast have begged the question: how can one disaster-proof their financial house? Often times when a disaster strikes, the last thing on our mind is to snag those important papers—our primary concern is always our life and the lives of our loved ones. But when the dust settles and the rebuild begins, those important papers are going to form the foundation of how quickly you can get your life back on track.

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Estate Planning

What happens to all of the wealth you have accumulated after you pass away? That is Estate Planning—making a plan ahead of time to decide who will benefit from all you accumulated during your life. This concept has recently been highlighted by the passing of a music icon. Ms. Aretha Franklin passed away without having a will or a trust in place, meaning her estate and its beneficiaries will be decided through the public probate process. This can be lengthy and costly to an estate.

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