Conversations About Planning for Incapacity or Death


Any conversation about planning for incapacitation or death is uncomfortable for many people, especially if you are having the discussion with your parents. It is important to remember however, that this discussion while uncomfortable will spare you additional stress and pain when you and your family are going through a crisis.

Some of the most important reasons for older individuals to address these concerns ahead of these possibilities are items such as remaining in control of your choices (including medical decisions), protecting assets and paying for expenses, and avoiding court intervention. Each one of these reasons boils down to one big reason to plan ahead – avoiding placing your loved ones in a difficult situation as they are dealing with the loss of you, their loved one.

Informing your loved one of your plans, creating a line of communication and knowledge will set everyone at ease. A helpful suggestion is to create a binder or file that contains a list of insurance, wills, medical directives, etc. that a loved one would be able to quickly find in order to take care of your affairs. Additionally, we would be happy to assist you by facilitating a meeting with your loved one to review your wishes and be a source of support for them should the need arise.

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