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Lessons Learned as a Financial Advisor

Most of the lessons we have learned as Advisors is how we turn communication into actionable and successful plans to reach your goals. How we utilize resources for your benefit and the process that takes place, provides us with insight on how to best serve you, our clients. Financial Advising is both an Art and a Science.

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2019 Q4 Newsletter

Mike and I recently reflected on the past decade of the markets, and now that the New Year has come and gone, we can set our sites ahead for the future. The week of January 6th will be the first full week of trading after our holiday hangover. Market sentiment is a mixed bag and it appears that everyone has a wait and see attitude – this is a juxtaposition of where we were this time last year.

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Pay Yourself First

Earlier this month, we discussed dollar-cost averaging as a strategy for investing which can offer you a higher average rate of return over the long-term and a seamless means of investing each month without too much pain for your wallet. Today, we will discuss the best way that you can achieve this strategy through the concept called “Pay Yourself First”.

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