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DNR – A Life Choice

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The California EMS Authority along with the California Medical Association and EMS providers in California developed a PreHospital Do Not Resuscitate DNR Form to instruct EMS to not provide resuscitative measure for patients having a heart attack. This would include CPR, assisted breathing, intubation, defibrillation and drugs to stimulate the heart. It does NOT include treatment for pain, difficulty breathing such as an obstructed airway or asthma treatment, or major bleeding, etc. The form must be signed by the patient or their healthcare decision-maker and be CLEARLY posted or maintained with the patient. California EMS does recognize and honor Medallions or bracelets worn by the patient, however, there are only three Approved Medallion Providers for California: Sticky J Medical ID, based in Florida; MedicAlert Foundation, based out of Salida, CA; and Caring Advocates, based out of Encinitas, CA.

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Managing Health Care Costs in Retirement

Many people say that their #1 retirement concern is now not outliving their money but the cost of health care in retirement. There is much debate over Medicare and health care costs overall. The important idea to take from this overall concern is that financial planners can be of assistance and bridging this gap can be addressed relatively simply.

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