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Financial Planning is...

Financial Planning is...

Financial Planning is the comprehensive analysis and evaluation of an individual's current financial state and needs used in the development of a strategy to successfully meet your financial goals in the future. Professionals, like Mike, utilize their knowledge of client's future life goals, transfer plans (in life and death) and future expense needs to develop comprehensive Financial Plans.

Various elements of a Financial Plan are goals, net worth, cash flow, retirement strategies, risk management, long-term investments, tax reduction strategies, and estate planning. Each of these areas in and of themselves can be quite complex and the role of the Financial Planner is to navigate the rules and regulations in order to maximize your assets to meet your goals.

Likewise, Financial Planning is as much about money as it is about articulating and prioritizing your goals. The Financial Planner acts like the Quarterback of your group of professional advisors and you, helping you communicate your goals with your CPA, Attorney, and a host of other professionals. From start to finish, the Planner assists you in gathering information, analyzing your situation, developing and implementing a plan, and monitoring the progress.

Thinking about all of these topics separately and together (i.e. your 'plan') can be a daunting and frustrating task, especially when it comes to understanding the difference between your needs, wants and wishes, and making sure there's enough money for each.

You may also have fears about retirement. Are you concerned about not having enough money for yourself? Not having enough money to leave to your family? Paying for medical care? Boredom? While not all of these seem related to your financial planning, our planners will help you evaluate these questions and customize your plan to address them. This is why finding a financial planning professional to help you navigate all of these complexities is imperative to your success. Call us to schedule an appointment with Mike, a Certified Financial Planner, and we'll help you get started reaching your goals today!



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Sunday, 14 July 2024

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