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Book Review: Money Tales

Looking for a good way to teach your kids about financial topics or a Christmas gift that keeps on giving for your children or grandchildren? Take a peak at the Money Tales series from Sheila Bair.

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Child Tax Credit Payments

Starting in July, Americans who have children aged 17 and under, will be receiving payments for the Child Tax Credit that passed legislation under the American Rescue Plan. The IRS will begin sending out monthly payments of $250 or $300 through December to qualifying families.

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The Cost of Children

Starting a family is not a life event that should be taken lightly, especially financially. The price tag for a baby born in 2015 is about $233,000+ from birth to age 17. That is NOT including college! So the questions becomes, how can you manage those costs and still prepare for your own future. Here are a few ideas to help manage your money as you raise your family.

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Teach Kids About Money: Recommended Books

Kids have a unique way of blowing any parent's budget. The endless requests of "Can I get ….?" give us a clear indication as parents that children do not understand the value of money, and teaching them important values about spending and saving can be a difficult task.

Spare your budget and your patience by teaching your children the value of money early on and help them become super saving smart adults! We recommend these books to help YOU teach your children about managing money and saving.

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