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Business Retirement Plans

In today’s employment environment, it is more important than ever for employers to provide incentives to retain employees. One such benefit can be found in retirement plan offerings. There are several types of retirement plan options available to small businesses. While the same plan is not necessarily perfect for every company – the size and ownership structure of the company can help inform business owners’ decision as to which plan to offer.

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In-Service Withdrawals

Many believe that their money is locked in when you are a participant in a 401(k) or profit sharing plan through an employer where you are a participating and current employee. However, certain qualifying events allow employees to access their vested balance to either withdraw and/or roll over money from those accounts and still continue to contribute.

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Tax Reduction Strategies

​1. Pay Yourself First

The utilization of company retirement plans (401-k's and Simple IRA's) are the easiest way to build up tax advantaged assets for your retirement goals. Verify that you are contributing the amount required in order to maximize the employer's match. Above that amount it would usually be prudent to try to contribute the maximum amount possible in order to minimize your income tax liability.

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