Staff Profiles: Athena Stone

Staff Profiles: Athena Stone

​My name is Athena Stone. Growing up as an "Army Brat," I moved all over the country and even lived overseas for a time. My father and both of my brothers have proudly served our country which I am very honored by and has greatly influenced who I am. 

I live in Lodi with my husband, Jon, and our four children, Kylee, Samantha, Mack and baby Myles. Being a wife and mother with a full-time career is challenging, but I feel my upbringing and my family enable me to bring a unique perspective to my role as an Advisor and Financial Planner.

​I joined Attentive Investment Managers in 2003. At AIM I found my passion. With Mike as my mentor, I have been able to pursue goals and excel in my career. During my time at Attentive, I have earned my Bachelor's Degree and several designations and am now studying to earn my Certified Financial Planner designation. Every day brings something new to learn and a fresh challenge to solve. 

My day-to-day tasks involve analyzing markets, working with clients and facilitating their requests. While discussing people's finances can be a delicate topic, I find it highly rewarding to be a source of information and support for our clients. I've found that my career is more about navigating people's emotions and understanding what their goals are than about dollars and cents.

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