Working with a financial planner

As you’ve learned throughout this master class, financial planning is as much about money as it is about articulating and prioritizing your goals. Your goals can be short-term or long-term, but understanding their role in the overall financial process is critical so that you don’t mismanage your assets along the way.

What are your goals? How much money will it take to achieve your goals? Have you established a time horizon? Are your goals prioritized properly? Do you have fears about retirement? Are you concerned about not having enough money for yourself or to leave to your family? These are just a few examples of the types of questions a financial planner like us can help you evaluate.

Think of your financial advisor as a quarterback, helping you communicate your goals with your CPA, attorney, and other professionals. From start to finish, your financial planner helps you gather information, analyze your current financial situation, develop and implement a plan, and monitor your progress along the way.

We specialize in financial planning, retirement planning, personal finance, estate planning, education funding, and more—our wealth management services incorporate investment portfolio management with financial planning and considerations such as coordination with legal resources, tax professionals and banking needs.

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